MPG X570 Gaming Plus + 5800X3D No PBO2 Option


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May 23, 2016
I just bought the 5800X3D and popped it into my X570 Gaming Plus mobo, I have updated to the latest 7C37vAI Bios prior to installing the new CPU. Like many others I am hitting upwards of 90 degrees on the chip in OCCT / Cinebench, in gaming it seems to hover around 70-80, and idle around 40-50. I have the Noctua NHu12S in push/pull.

I did some research into undervolting and found the PBO2 is the best option to do so via the Bios. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have that option listed under AMD Overclocking that others do.. Am I missing something?

I see the Core Voltage (-) is listed and I can change that, but I've read that this isn't the same outcome as PBO2 undervolting as it limits the clock speeds as well. Is this correct?