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Nov 4, 2022
I am not sure where to actually post this. However I hope this helps someone else down the road or gets the instructions updated.

Just got a MPG X670E CARBON WIFI board and I am doing all the first time set up things. Got the bios updated and all the basics done first. Then tried to get raid working. The documentation for the board doesn't even touch on how to set up raid or tell you where to go to find info. Ok google time. Found This is so basic that it actually caused me to think I was doing something wrong because the drive wasn't working. It wasn't until I did a bunch searching and stopped looking for MSI specific stuff did I find the real instructions found

So to help those that are just looking at the MSI docs and to try and TLDR the AMD doc.
First step on the MSI doc to enable WHQL is out of date and does not exist in the current version of the bios.
At the end of the document there needs to be more added. When you go back in and look at arrays under the rescan disks if the array says "ready" and not "normal" then your system is not finished building the array and you should let it just sit there and build the array. From AMD's PDF Page 28 Table 8. Array States.
The support doc listed above stops at bios stuff. It does not say anything about the fact that you need windows drivers as well. MSI command center does not install these drivers for you. Found that info on yet another document Also if you are doing a clean install of windows on your new array you will need the instructions from Page 6.
Also found out that there is a OS based raid config tool AMD-RAIDXpert2 Management Suite Desktop Application. For Windows it is available in the Microsoft store.

I know MSI can't reprint the physical copies of the manuals. However it would be nice if the online manual pointed to a "more info" section and they combined their PDF and the support doc. Then also added the info about the array status building part.
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