MPG Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4 or DDR5?


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Jun 24, 2022
Hi, I'm new here. Greetings to all.
I have bought a new motherboard, it's MPG Z690 Edge WiFi. I have ordered and paid for DDR5 version. I have mounted it in my case, installed, video card, CPU and 2 modules of DDR5 (Corsair Dominator, 2 x 16)... and I have realized that MB reports DDR4 version. BIOS shows DDR5 modules under memory section, I was able to install DDR5 (I guess they can't be installed in DDR4 slots, is it correct?)... but it looks like DDR4.
I have downloaded the new BIOS (for DDR5) but I wasn't able to flash. I was able to flash with newest BIOS for DDR4 version. The reported model is MS-7D31, which is DDR4.... but I can't understand why DDR5 modules fit? What was wrong? Could You please help me to understand?

The text files downloaded in ZIP files with BIOS (DDR4 and DDR5 versions) shows the same model/version: MS-7D31.

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There is no way that DDR5 fits into a DDR4 slot, because the notch placement is different:


That means you have the DDR5 version of the board (in hardware), this much is clear. So what do you mean with "MB reports DDR4 version"?
If it really says DDR4 for the model in the BIOS, it could mean that the wrong BIOS was installed in the factory, but the BIOS versions of the DDR4/DDR5 sister boards are 99.9% identical anyway.

Don't worry about the four-character model code, that's identical between the sister boards.

Same for other boards like

Which site exactly did you download the BIOS from that is now installed?
Can you make a few screenshots in the BIOS? Press F12 to save a screenshot to a FAT32 USB stick and then convert to PNG or JPG before uploading.
If you can make a photo of your board, that might help as well.
Thank You so much for the answer. It helps.
"MB reports DDR4 version" - It's reported in BIOS in the right top corner, please find this on my first picture. It shows DDR5 installed, working on correctly at 5600Mhz, but the temperature is zero (celsiuses).

Please find some additional photos of PCB.

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Interesting, never seen that before. It is possible that they mistakenly used a BIOS chip or flashed a BIOS that was meant for the DDR4 sister board, because as i said, the BIOS versions between the sister boards are probably 99.9% identical, maybe even completely identical in all but the model name and BIOS version that's shown to the user. I don't have any special insight in how they code the BIOS at MSI, but it seems very likely to me that any BIOS for the DDR4 version of the sister board also contains all DDR5-related memory code, and vice versa. Just like the memory controller of the CPU can deal with both DDR4 and DDR5. It would not make sense to maintain seperate codebases for the DDR4 and DDR5 boards if they are almost identical except for the RAM slots and the RAM VRM.

So if you get the correct sensor values in Hardware Monitor and everything else works as it should, i wouldn't worry too much.
There is a possibility that you can flash the correct BIOS using such a tool, but i don't know if Z690 is supported, maybe @Svet can answer it.
As for the RAM temperature sensors, try HWinfo64 Sensors if they can read them out. You normally don't need the RAM temperature in the BIOS.
There is a possibility that you can flash the correct BIOS using such a tool, but i don't know if Z690 is supported, maybe @Svet can answer it.

New update went live today so is now computable with the new boards.

User has successful update to correct bios using the Tool
Sounds like it was also a Open box sale.
Alan, Citay. Yes. My motherboard was returned to seller as damaged, "fixed" and resold probably. Somebody has flashed with incorrect BIOS. I was able to upload the correct one using the great tool, You have suggested.

Many, many thanks!
Regards, Tomek
Yes, i would avoid "Open box", it's code for "The buyer returned it for some reason, we don't know what they didn't like, but why don't you give it a try for marginally less than a brand new one".
You never know what you're gonna get with Open box, but it's always a risk, and the reward in the form of savings isn't even that big most of the time.
Yeap, agree. Honestly I was't aware about this, but it works now (thanks again!). It was delivered with full 36 months guarantee which is important for me. I've decided to keep it. We will see 🤔...