MPG321UR-QD Xbox Ed. Issues


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May 20, 2022
Hi guys, I‘m having some weird (to me) issues with my 1 day old monitor and I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing something similar or if this is the expected behaviour.

1. DP recommended/default scaling in Win10 is 300%, yet with HDMI it’s 150%. Tried 2 separate computers and 2 sets of cables and the behaviour is the same on both… shouldn't the scaling be the same for both inputs?

2. Gaming OSD won‘t detect the USB connection when connected via HDMI, yet it will detect it when connected via DP. Tried all 3 ports and the 3 cables + one of my own. Only way to get it working via HDMI is to switch from auto KVM to the specific upstream port, then it works perfectly.

3. Valorant won‘t go into fullscreen mode when connected via DP. There are black bars either side of the screen. Changing the resolution messes everything up and it always reverts to a ”custom” preset even though I don’t have any custom resolutions. The game runs perfectly via HDMI (albeit at 4K 60). The only way to get the monitor to play nice with Valorant via DP is to right click the monitor in the device manager and disable it (bizarre). The workaround is ok for now however you cannot change any of the video settings with this method, it’s stuck to whatever settings are set in the config ini file. Maybe this is connected to issue 1? All other games seem to behave fine without any tweaking, however the 4K 60 BenQ monitor this MSI one is replacing works fine in DP mode with Valorant.

I’ve experimented and troubleshooted quite a lot over the last day or so. Tried installing the MSI monitor driver, Generic PnP Monitor Driver, tried every Nvidia driver all the way back to December etc.. Tried multiple 8K certified DP cables, HDMI cables, multiple USB-B cables, 2 different PC’s with RTX 2080 cards.

Is the above behaviour expected? Or should I RMA the monitor? The only regret I have is that I updated the Scaler firmware as soon as I powered the monitor on the first time so I haven't tested any of the above with the shipped firmware.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Nov 21, 2019
For 2:
1.Please confirm USB Upstream Cable is connected on correct port as attachment.
Upstream port and cable must be matched with input port.
2.Please refer manual on page 13 and modify "KVM" to "Upstream".
3.Please refer manual on page 17 and modify " Auto Scan " to OFF.
4.Please refer manual on page 17 and modify Input Source you wanted.