MS-1719 (GX700) Lagging At Intervals


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Nov 4, 2008
For about a month or two, I've had a problem in a few games where every minute or so they will lag, then go back to smooth again. At first I thought it was one game. Then I noticed it in another, so I looked at installing different drivers for both my nVidia 8600m GT and my Realtek audio card (thinking it may be a sound buffer problem). Tried several driver configurations, but to no avail. During this time, I noticed the "interval lag" in every game I play. So now I started planting posts in every game forum. Eventually, someone from Audiosurf's forum suggested it's my HDD. He said it's not the HDD itself, it's the drivers. Apparently the computer isn't accessing the HDD at the speed it should, causing the "interval lag". I may be wrong, but are the HDD drivers installed only at the OS install? I remember installing no drivers for the HDD after setting up XP. There are no HDD drivers on the MSI site either. Any suggestions on updating the HDD drivers or any clue on what's causing the lag? If you're curious on this "interval lag", I have a few Xfire videos of Multiwinia HERE you could look at.

Note: I put the two game links in there to alleviate any off-topic questions about them.


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Jul 3, 2002
If the harddisk is in trouble it can freeze the system without much problems.
Yes the harddisk itself!

Run the harddisk test util from the harddisk-manufacturer, will take some time, but if the harddisk is in trouble it will tell you it's the case in about 60% of the time.
Also, during the lag, listen with your ear on the place where the harddisk is, if you hear repeating sounds all the time until it goes on, then the harddisk is bad.