MS-8348A Compatibility - New FW Reqd?



I have an MS-8348A at firmware level 150D which was released to Improve medium compatibility.

The Writer is installed in my Abit SA6R motherboard on the second IDE as the master device with a 12x DVD as the slave both of which are UDMA33 capable and DMA is enabled. CPU is P3-800

My experience is that I am unable to burn CD-R at their top rated speeds.

For example currently I have a batch of DATASAFE Media 80 minute CD-R 48x silver premium. These CD-R fail to write at 48x and sometimes at 40x. I am usually successfull at writing to them at 32x.

I normally have the option to verify after burn switched on in NERO (currently I am on nero version 551015a).

Among errors reported were: Could not perform Fixation, Data verification failed after reporting a successfull burn, Cannot mount the written CD after reporting a successfull burn.

I have had similar experiences with intenso 48x CD-R.

It seems to me that MSI need to do some more work on their firmware to improve media handling compatibility.

I wonder if MSI reads these forums. There does not seem to be much evidence of responses from them.
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Jul 8, 2002
Your Suspicions were correct in that no one from MSI reads these forums. I don't think it's a firmware issue on MSI's part but I will see if there are any coming down the pipes.

Have you tried just the CDRW by itself on the IDE cable?

Do you have another you could try, say from a friend?

Have you tried different media, Such as well known brands?

Stay tuned.



I have bought MS-8348 more then a half year ago as a cheap CDRW. I did not expect that it would be able burn all brands of media at full speed, since it is not my first CDRW (nor the second one). I also do not expect, that an upgraded FW would improve the ability to burn better. It has problems with CDRs like Verbatim Colour 40x, Silver Circle 32x, Eximpo 32x, Intenso... On the market there are many others, so IMHO it is not a blocking problem.

About error messages of Nero:
I have a feeling that Nero uses a random generator for error messages. For example with Sirver Circle I have seen a nice collection of messages. Do not ask me, which ones, I have ignored them and burned the CDRs @16x...

If you need a CDRW without these problems, try Plextor or Teac.


Has anyone tried the latest 160D firmware update? My MS-8348A is just about useable with difficulty and the idea of the new firmware update is apealing. However, judging by the fact that previous updates do not appear to solve anything, I am not confident with this new update. I am scared that it may make matters worse rather than better.

Has anyone updated to the new 160D firware with positive reult?