I have a Ti200 (ms-8850) with video in but when I installl the drivers for that it'ss says that the device could not initialiate
How can I solve that?
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I have a Ti200 (ms-8850) with video in but when I installl the drivers for that it'ss says that the device could not initialiate
How can I solve that?
try to download the nvidia wdm capture driver from MSI driver site & install...
You may need new Bios for card.
The latest through Live update is,
and this helped me with ViVo using all det drivers and WDM 1.08. Have heard that WDM 1.11 has trouble
I had the same issue...finally after reading some older posts on it in here....I just got an engineering bios for the nvidia cards and flashed it myself....once that was done I could use any nvidia wdm driver I wanted and it worked great....before that I was doomed to the cd drivers and wdm drivers....

this is a risky move but I always just thought I would use the backup bios that this msi card boasted if it didn't work...

once more----


good luck if you try though
thnx Spinctersaurus,
guru3d has been my bible for quit a while now, but I have never been in that section, and that earlier article sure slipped home a few things.
Any help on naming conventions used to search for BIOS??
The best I found was but there BIOS's are pretty old.
Thanks to all who help me I flashed the bios and it worked but now I have the next problem: I'm from Uruguay and the standard here is pal-n but the input doesn't support it (I think). Am I sure?? How can I solve it?
Thanks in advance
When you go to device selection, click on change device for a list of standards. Uruguay is listed on mine, and also Paraguay has Pal-n. Argentina has a combo Pal-n.
I'm from Australia and I have no idea what our standard is, so I just use any Pal. Tried most of them without any difference (although Argentina did give black and white)
Have set on Belgium now.
sorry. misread..

make sure that Pal is selected with 25fps.
You can try at NTSC 30fps but I think you might get sinc problems. Make sure you select whcih cable you are using. You will know if the other is selected by a B&W pic.
I use VirtualDub so I'm not sure how to change the settings in Wincoder.

Are you getting any picture when using wincoder?
I get a b/w picture whatever I do I think is because the standard in my country is Pal-n and in the standard configuration is not listed
I want to know if it is a card limitation or a software limitation to get a solution or if there is a solution for it
I konow that the card should work in colour because I connected a Playstation to it and it worked fine (NTSC is the standard of the PS)
in wincoder click on the little spanner, go to record tab and try changing record device to composite.
Play around with these settings and the cables at the back of the card.
I have the adapter connected to the RCA cable then connected into the S plug.
Hope this helps.
Have you tried swapping the cables at the back?
Does this happen with Videos or TV?
It's a long shot but it could be your TV output?
Try from Video signal. Plug the playstation into Video and see if thats color.
Which drivers you using? (i don't think its these)I had trouble with 30.30. Had to borrow a vxd from the 29.42 to get video in. nvmini if I remember correctly.
Thanks to all that try to help me but plaese read carefully.
Is not a problem with the conection or the cables the problem is that source is PAL-N and I see the image in black and white.
Thre isn't a problem with the input of the card because with the same cables and the same connector but with a source in NTSC (a playstation) worked great
My question is if the problem with the sources in PAL-N is a limitation of the hardware or with with software and if it is workaround

read this article
it seems as though pal-n can be used for input. So hopefully it can be resolved by a program.
Try e-mail Phillips and MSI and Nvidia.
I think it is your TV's fault (the Pal-n standard for your country), but do videos do the same?

You could try your local Antenna / TV specialist to see if there is a way to change your Antenna signal to another standard.

Also it might help if you post a new question stateing
How to use PAL-N for Video Input or something to that effect.
This way someone without an 8850 may have solved this problem.