Msi 1000g power supply - cable question


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Aug 23, 2023
I've been talking with customer support, i'm certain i'm talking with an AI though.

I have a 6800xt video card that has a double 8 pin set up. Right now I have 2 - 8pin wires that go back to the PSU.

But I want to add a second video card (RTX) 4070 - it has a single port.

Problem is I have no more ports because I chose the power supply with the 16pin connector. Now there is an included wire - its a 16 pin split off to two 6+2 pcie connectors. What i'm trying to figure out is, can I use this double ended wire to supply power to the video card, while pushing the other end into the 16pin connector? So I can free up a port.

There isn't much mention what this wire does, and it doesn't make sense to install that wire (16pin end), into the video card, since I already have a cable that goes 16 to 16.

Does that make sense? I think it does. I just need to figure out how to juggle the power.


----Mike Savad
Gonna be honest, get a bigger/better power supply. You're not going to run both those cards and the system off of a single supply at 1000W.
They said that its only 200w for this board so it should be OK.

Though considering the argument with tech i'm having right now, i'm wondering if its better to get one of those ethernium breakout boards and power it with my old power supply. Which seems to make more sense, but is more hassle.

----Mike Savad
4070Ti : 700W
RX 6800XT : 300W (GPU only)

You're right at the 1000W point, assuming max load, and NOT assuming the CPU you have (which I don't know about) doesn't pull 400W itself......You've basically got zero headroom, which isn't good. Either get a 1300W or 1500W PSU, or use 2 power supplies to power it all.
That's true... I think the next best idea is to make an external version of this, and put it on my old power supply which should be good enough to run a video card, though its on the old side. That should be good enough to be used as an AI number cruncher. And if I use it a lot I can switch it out for the one I have now. thanks

Does anyone here have a recommended board to use? I found a few but I don't know if there is a preferred brand, you know those cheap boards that attach to the bottom of it. 16x to 1x.

----Mike Savad