MSI 58 eclipse plus problem.


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Jun 24, 2009
I just got myself an MSI Eclipse Plus and have the same problem. Help please. The computer worked fine for like a week. Then it started acting weird. At first, any sound stopped playing, then the vga card fan stopped spinning. So I rebooted the computer.  (I had it do a check disk before the problem occurred) so the computer did that and rebooted again. This time in complained that there was no harddisk. So I reinserted the SATA wires and rebooted again. Now the computer refuses to boot (the led flashes for 0.5 of a second). Even when I removed all connections except the CPU and the CPU fan, the computer still not boot.

My comp:
i7 920
Western Digital 500GB
Corsair DDR3 1333
MSI Geforce 8800GT
Corsair 750W TX
Hi chickensen, & welcome to the forum. :welcome: If you have another system you can test the PSU in, try that first. If it checks out ok, something in the power distribution of that mainboard is running amuck.
Mine had a similar symptom only worse.  It actually went south.  I left it running overnight and woke up the next day to find that it was off...I thought it went into a sleep mode.  Tried to turn it, nothing.  I saw the yellow idle light, so there was power coming to the board.  Thinking something has shortened the board, I took it out of the case and tried turning it on again.  It flickered for like 1/4 of a second then went off.  Thinking it may be memory, tried one stick.  Same result.  Switch memory with another brand.  Same thing.  Maybe it's the video card.  Tried different one.  Same thing.  Maybe it's the CPU.  Took it out and tried it w/o the CPU.  Same thing.  Took everything off (Memory, Video card, CPU), same thing.  Unplugged the 8-pin 12v cable, it turned on.  But you all know it won't work w/o that.  Plugged th 12v cable back on, it flickered for 1/4 of a second and went off again.  Conclusion: The 12v voltage regulator or something along that line has gone bad.  Contacted MSI for RMA, got a # and shipped it to them Thursday.  It will be there on Thursday of next week.  We'll see what happens.  I hope I get a newer board with the B3 chipset.  Will keep you guys posted.  Good luck with yours. 
Hey to all and thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I got the system checked out and it was the power supply that failed. I am getting a new one soon. However what puzzled me was why the new power supply just suddenly died? Could have the superclocked 8800gt card caused this?
I doubt the video card had anything to do with damaging a Corsair TX750W. If anything it was defective from the factory and that's pretty rare for Corsair PSU's. I have caused accidental shorts on the PC with my VX450W and it instantly shut down with no damage. Same thing with power surges on the AC in during lightning storms and such it also instantly shuts down with no damage. That Corsair PSU has saved me $$ from nature and myself. :lol_anim: