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Jun 23, 2020
Hello Everyone,

Before I get started, a little how this happened:

Built new computer, waiting on power source on back order, took power source out of old computer. Once I got new power source, put power source back in.

Once I turned it on, nothing happens. all the lights, light up, all the fans kick on, nothing goes to the monitor though. I did format the drives before putting them back in ( as I switched them to my main computer ). My gf then wants a gaming computer, so I was going to give her this one. 

Geforce 970 windforce.
Notes: It does have the dreaded Rigjaw memory. I have tried one memory stick in each slot. I have tried hdmi, and each individual DP to no avail. I have tried direct connecting to the internet. I cannot get this to show me the bios. Any and all help is appreciated.
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