MSI 960 GTX 2GD5T-OC Unboxing/Review


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Mar 8, 2016
Hey guys,
This is my Unboxing/Review of my MSI 960 GTX 2GD5T-OC graphics card. I was going from an old EVGA 8800 GT, which is quite dated today, but was a great card that served me well through the years.
Old and New:

You can see how the MSI card just dwarfs the old one. I was upgrading most everything in my PC, so chose the 960 GTX because of its "future-proof" directx12 capabilities and really budget friendly pricing. This card has a Boost / Base Core Clock of 1241 MHz / 1178 MHz.

I put this in my budget PC build (It's budget, but that doesn't mean I'll compromise on quality), and as you can see from the pic below, I haven't got any fans installed yet (except for the CPU and rear exhaust fan). I'm saving up to buy 5 high quality fans and a few more things, in a few months.

By default, the fan doesnt turn on until the card gets hot, and even when it does turn on (playing a game or rendering video) it's really inaudiable. Given that I have no fans helping it (even my PSU fan is mostly off) and the weather today is over 35c, I got extremely satisfying results from benchmarking Haven 4 (extreme settings), with the Max temp slightly over 70c. Nvidia's website says Max GPU temp is 98c.

Stock Benchmark:

I setup MSI Afterburner (highly recommend you get this, even you dont want to over/under-clock, you can use it to setup a custom fan profile), and overclocked it WITHOUT touching the voltage, and setup a custom fan profile with the fan always on at 50% (I can't hear it at all - I have to look at the blades spin to know that it's running!). My Max temp dropped to slightly over 65c, and I gained an extra 5 FPS! Remember this is extreme settings with extreme tesselation - so I was pleased to get so much from a low-cost card.
OC Benchmark:

The Beefy heatsink and big fans MSI have used here are high quality components, and I absolutely recommend this particular card to anyone on a budget. The one thing I would have liked it to have, is a backplate. So it does sag a little when installed in a vertical tower - but maybe that's asking too much from a budget card?
Hope you enjoyed my first unboxing/review; I'll do another one about my MSI 970 gaming motherboard, when I get those fans a few months later. If you have any questions, please ask away. Thanks for reading - take care.