MSI Afterburner Sticky (Above)


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Jun 6, 2021
Hi Peeps,

Request - overhaul sticky [above] - Afterburner Guide:
I've looked for a manual for MSI AB but nothing modern is available. (And nothing accompanies the download). So signed up to these forums (hopeful), but only an outdated "how to" from 2012 with one-sentence 'version updates' is stickied above.

The sticky above has become so ancient it doesn't even include an OC scanner and VF curve guide. [Please consider this a motion to request a moderator to delete it to encourage an expert to do a new overhauled guide]. (I'm not too familiar with these forums so not sure how they work yet, but it could be an opportunity for the author to write something which would appear at the top of these forums for years if MSI checked and approved)?

Initial Reason I was Looking: (in case anyone can help)
The reason I was looking for a manual is for keyboard shortcuts for the VF curve. (I found most of these -- but the command which resets the VF curve to default (without also resetting all other settings for that GPU to default), I couldn't find - I know it exists because I remember using it around 2018 when the new VF curve overclocking technology first landed.

Thank you,

Nick Peyton