MSI AMR & IPC will Showcase AIoT Applications Used for Contactless Services at "The Cares Taipei 2021"


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Mar 26, 2014
The world has entered the post-pandemic era, an era in which human beings will coexist with the COVID-19 virus. MSI has built a safer living environment for disease prevention by applying, to the field of care technology, its strengths accumulated in many years working in fields of cutting-edge technology. "MSI has invested in the R&D of robots for many years. But furthermore, it has also implemented services in many hospitals and nursing homes, thereby demonstrating its feasibility to the medical robot industry. In addition, MSI's industrial computers, which the company has cultivated for many years, have also been demonstrated in many public-area applications. A variety of customized applications have been used to solve the needs of labor shortages and to reduce the risk of exposure, all of which have contributed to the fight against the global pandemic," said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

MSI arrays its fleet of AMR disease-fighting robots

AMR-AI-Base Robot

The AMR-AI-Base Robot is an autonomous mobile assistive robot that can help move goods weighing up to 150KG. It can autonomously assist while reducing complicated and repetitive manual work. In addition, two new LDS laser navigation systems placed on the front and back of the robot can fully and autonomously recognize the environment and produce a map of the area, and routes can be set in any environment. With its high-precision positioning technology, the robot can avoid any obstacles with precise movement. It also has a powerful ability to automatically generate maps so it can adapt to any changing environment. Suitable for factories, warehouses, companies, shopping malls, and other areas, it effectively increases productivity, improves product quality, and helps companies rethink their optimization of the use of employee creativity and problem-solving, while also ensuring their safety.


This intelligent AMR disinfection robot has been certified by the European research institute Texcell. Its UVGI sterilization system can effectively suppress the novel coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) Alpha variant in just 30 seconds, with a sterilization rate as high as (Log4) 99.997%. It is an autonomous mobile UV sterilization robot dedicated to air cleaning, disinfection, and cleaning that targets areas with high contact rates and a high flow of people. It helps reduce the risk of exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria, making it suitable for use in medical institutions, restaurants, schools, companies, retail, and transportation. With its complete AMR smart hospital transportation system, and equipped with a super 253.7 nm wavelength UVCI germicidal lamp, which can carry out detoxification operations over a wide area, it can effectively eliminate pathogens in the proximate environment of the robot. Establishing spatial landmarks and route maps using camera-assisted algorithms and automatic software calibration, it can actively carry out operations in the scheduled area, providing more labor-saving and effective tools for personnel and eliminating blind spots in disease prevention.

AMR-AI-Delivery Robot

The AMR-AI-Delivery Robot is an autonomous mobile delivery robot that can help deliver goods weighing up to 150KG. It can autonomously assist while reducing complicated and repetitive manual work. Using the AMR Fleet Management System, the robot can deliver to different levels of buildings and is equipped with customized IoT network equipment, which can independently control access to doors and elevators to reach designated floors. In addition, with new generation LDS modules and Intel RealSense depth cameras, you can set a travel route for the robot in any environment, calculate complex data for real-time analysis of the on-site environment, easily avoid obstacles, and achieve fully autonomous navigation. It is suitable for factories, warehouses, companies, care centers, shopping malls, and other areas.

Three Major Applications of MSI IPC Smart Industrial Computers

In-vehicle PC

MSI's in-vehicle computer MS-9B17 is E-Mark certified for in-vehicle applications and can be applied to the in-vehicle IC system of ambulances to integrate traffic information in real-time and improve rescue efficiency. Electronic wheelchairs can also be used in hospitals to provide users with a more complete contactless experience.

Self-Service KIOSK

In the era of insufficient labor, MSI's MS-9A89 ultra-low-power, fanless, wide-operating-temperature industrial computer can be applied to self-service kiosks; it can also be introduced in large numbers in hospitals and indoor or outdoor locations. It can not only effectively allocate labor, but also reduce contact between people.

Digital Signage Player

MSI's MS-9A79 digital signage system is a thin and rugged industrial computer that provides more powerful performance, up to two independent displays, and an abundant and diverse number of connection interfaces. Its unique design that includes heat dissipation, shock resistance, and dust proofing can withstand any harsh application environment. It provides ideal solutions in the fields of digital electronic signage, transportation, multimedia for navigation, industrial control automation, and medical equipment.

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Sep 11, 2020
As someone who spends lot of time in Hospital the Idea of buzzing from room to room on a robot has some appeal no pesky questions of how you doing today for one.