MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC BIOS


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Jul 12, 2020
I recently RMA my B450 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC. I got my replaced motherboard but the BIOS version was Old and many of my motherboards features were not working. The BIOS version that came flashed with the replaced motherboard is E7B86AMS.1D0 (Screenshot attached : ). A quick search reveals that this BIOS belongs to MSI B450 Gaming Plus series instead of Gaming Pro Carbon series. (screenshot attached of my motherboard model- ). ( B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC BOX -
Now I tried updating my motherboard BIOS but MFlash only detects USB drive and not the BIOS files (BIOS file does not exist). I tried using different BIOS versions of B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (E7B85AMS.190) versions , tried using diffent USB drives, tried FLASHBACK+ (Blinked 3 times then Constant ON). attached USB drive contents.
How do I solve this issue? someone please help me.

1) Preinstalled BIOS on Replaced MOBO: version -7B86v1D
2) BIOS of my MOBO that i want to flash - version-7B85v19