MSI B550 & MSI GeForce 2070 (Tri Frozr) issues


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Oct 17, 2020
This is my first new build in about 15 years because I had basically switched everything over to laptops after losing all my equipment in Hurricane Katrina. So, I know I'm behind the times on all of the latest quirks, patches, gizmos, etc. For that I ask your indulgence.

This new build is a B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi paired with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, 32gb Ram, and an 8gb MSI GeForce 2070 Tri Frozr. All packed into an AnTEC NX800 with a Corsair HX750 power supply with Win10 Pro Ver 1909. My question (and my problem) is:
1. Why doesn't my video card show up in Dragon Center (fully registered...) like my MOBO does? It shows the Serial Number & identifies everything correctly, but it still has the "Product Registration" bar highlighted and when I click on it and try to register it, it comes up with a "Product Registration error" telling me to go to by browser to register the card - which I did.
2. Why doesn't Mystic Light show my video card (everything has been registered) on the list of available devices, like it does my MOBO?
3. Why isn't Dragon Center monitoring any of the video card's properties like it does the rest of the MOBO properties?
4. And finally, I just had a complete system reboot (for no apparent reason that I can find) - all temperatures appear to be running normal:
* CPU - 46-55c/108-126F
* System - 36c/97F
* MOS(T) - 37c/99F
*CPU Socket - 33c/91F
*Chipset - 34c/93F
*PCIe(1) - 32c/90F
AMD CPU Fan - 55%/1730-2030rpm

One thing I did notice was that the CD that was supplied with the video card appeared to be either highly corrupted or unformatted. Nothing shows up on it, and I tried it on 3 of my machines using both internal & external CD/DVD drives. So whatever software & drivers should have been on there are inaccessible.

The machine will mainly be used for flight simulators (X-Plane & Microsoft Flight Sim) so I seriously doubt that any of those will really stretch the capabilities of the machine. Any tips or help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!


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Jan 25, 2007
What version of Dragon Center are you using?