MSI Center Not Compatible with Afterburner. Help Please.


New member
Nov 27, 2022
I am new to PC things. After watching some videos about CPU and GPU temps I thought my PC was running a little hot. So I downloaded Afterburner so I could have the temps displayed while I was gaming. I use MSI Center and the User scenario to boost the graphics since I am not to sure how to do it on my own with out messing something up. I went and read how to do the fan curve on afterburner and I implemented it and it worked the first time. But now when ever I use the MSI Center it seems to override the fan control and it stalls at a low fan speed. I can manually set the fan to a higher speed but the fan control does not work every time. I got it to work once again but the next time I went to game it did not work. if I could get help on how to set up afterburner so I can uninstall the User Scenario that would be greatly appreciated.

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