MSI Center not showing hardware monitoring details anymore

Mar 6, 2023
Previously my MSI center showed all my hardware monitoring. CPU fans CPU temp GPU temp etc. there were a bunch . It used to look like the attached photo. But now all the screen shows is that my resizable bar is enabled … I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled already.. any ideas?


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any update to this issue? I've even downloaded and updated to latest version of MSI Center (2.0.32 with my MSI X670E Carbon. I still don't have any board info showing. Nothing but useless Feature add-ons.
I don't even get the option to install HWM as one of the Features.

I'm using Windows 11.
I followed the example of "uberNoobZA" above. Uninstalled MSI Center. Ran cleaner. Computer rebooted on its own.
Then I disabled Network.
Installed MSI.
Then launched shortcut\app from start menu with "Run as Admin" and then let it install what it needed to.
After it was up and running and confirm Hardware Monitoring tab was there, I opened Windows Firewall.
I then added the MSICenter.exe and DCV2.exe to the windows firewall and blocked it from internet access.
I then enabled my Network (ethernet) adapter.
I then rebooted my machine and confirmed that opening MSI Center with admin, still has Hardware Monitoring there.
I'm too afraid to allow it internet access now to see if it will change.
For version
Try this.
1. Uninstall MSI Center and MSI Center SDK
2. Restart
3. Delete all MSI Files under C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI\ & %programdata% as well as %appdata%.
4. Run CleanCenterMaster (from here: - this will restart.
5. Run CMD as Admin => enter sfc /scannnow and let this complete.
6. Restart
7. Now install MSI Center via MS Store

Many people with problems getting to work have said this has "fixed" it for them.
By disabling iCUE at startup, my MSI center showed all my hardware monitoring.

After testing, if iCUE loads before the MSI Center, MSI Center not showing hardware monitoring details.
Tried all the tricks uninstalling msi center and using the cleaner etc, but this exactly is what fixed it for me. Just needed to disable icue at startup, then open it after everything else loads.
Good morning,
i've had a problem with msi center since the replacement of the motherboard ( on warranty).
it won't appear any good features that i was using before the replacement.
Even i contacted the support but no effective solutions
katana gf66 12UC


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