MSI Center Problems - need it working to turn off Bezel Lighting!

Feb 9, 2022
The MSI Center that came installed on the system managed to install 3 components - the most important one to me being the one that turns off the obnoxious bezel lighting - which it happily did.
After a windows update, the MSI options were reset and the bezel lighting was back. Launching MSI Center now showed 2 of the 3 apps saying they needed to be updated and only offered "update" as an option (?!) - but never would. All other modules would also just say "loading" forever when attempting to install them Firewalls and anti-virus was disabled with no improvement. The center was dead in the water and the bezel light was more obnoxious than ever. I uninstalled everything and installed MSI Center from the MS Store as directed. Now the MSI Center gives the following prompt - on each reboot.

How do I get this utility back so that I can turn off this ugly, obnoxious bevel disco disaster?
Thanks in advance.