MSI Center Windows app. Dropdowns do not works.


New member
Sep 28, 2023
Hi. I want to register motherboard in MSI Center app on windows 11 but i cannot do it.
Those two dropdowns do not expand after clicking on them.

I wanted to rise a ticket to support but support form do not contain any option for questions regarding MSI Center application.
I know that there is an option to do it on webside but it require some numbers from sticker that is on motherboard. I want to avoid dissassembling my PC just to see those numbers. I want use this autodetection feature in MSI Center app.
What motherboard is it?
The sticker is most likely on the side of the 24pin ATX power connector, so all you need is slide your phone in and take a photo :)
S/N should also be on the box itself.
Do you have some issues with the board? If you need to RMA it then you have to go through the store you got the board from.
MSI Tomahowk B650. Motherboard is fine. The only think is that I wanted to report a bug that I have found in MSI Center app that prevent user from using dropdowns. It strongly decreases user friendly experience. SN is not a problem during registration also. Those numbers are visible in the system. Only problem is to have this 3 digit number from sticker. It is problematic and time consuming when user have already assembled PC.