MSI Center


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Oct 2, 2022
I have the problem with OC. I'm doing in msi center with user scenerio. I updated my OS then downloaded msi center with all features apps. Then MSI companion didn't work. In the game bar its all saying loading and stucks there. Also in user scenerio screen, going with the cpu section is on at right side on the app, cpu turbo got disabled. I cannot understand why it goes like that. I have 11400f and it stuck at 2600mhz in extreme performance mode. Normally it should go 4400mhz. Also I have too low usage in the processor. What should I do?
I had this MSI center installed and yesterday when I went to do the update and I went to do the hardware analysis, the damn program didn't leave the screen and it was crashed, even when I restarted when I opened it, it went straight to the analysis screen and it was crashed! I uninstalled that garbage and installed Dragon MSI. Afterburner MSI can I do over via desktop? Thanks!