MSI Commits Its Idea of Tech Meets Aesthetic to Win Red Dot Design Award


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Mar 26, 2014
[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, a world-leading brand in gaming, content creation and commercial hardware, announced today that five of its latest products won the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2022 for outstanding design. The Red Dot Design Award originates from Germany and is an honor of international high-quality design. It is also the quality certification that worldwide designers dream of.

“To be recognized by the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Awards for our relentless pursuit of innovative design is truly an honor and is also the best encouragement to MSI’s design teams. MSI’s design capability to commit "Tech meets Aesthetic" is unquestionable. We’re continuing to deliver cutting-edge design for all customers,” said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

Creator Z16P Laptop PC
Creator Z16P, the beauty and technology co-exist laptop, is designed perfectly for the creator market. Creator Z16P based on its people-centric design philosophy, combines rounded and fluid form with sleek edges, merging both postmodernism designs on the appearance of the product. Z16P also carries a tasteful and stylish unibody CNC process with its unique color of Lunar Gray. It changes like the phase of the moon, giving its subtle yet gorgeous details. Thanks to the 16:10 display, creators will be able to browse more tracks and layers at once, making the viewing experience more comfortable. The touchscreen increases productivity and could be laid down at 180 degrees on the desk; you can doodle with fingers freely, even making navigation much easier in drawing and video editing.


Creator Z17 Laptop PC
Creator Z17 is crafted with a bent type 16:10 display with mini LED resolution that increases 11% of the viewing area and screen body ratio up to 92%, allowing creators to browse more tracks and layers at once. The touchscreen increases productivity and could be laid down at 180 degrees on the desk; you can doodle with fingers freely, even making navigation much easier in drawing and video editing. The creator Z17 is the perfect creative tool to bring art to life. The 16:10 display echoes the Golden Ratio 1.618. This ratio display gives an extra 11% room than 16:9 to check workspace and timeline in Adobe. With people-centric design philosophy, equipped with a touch screen for intuitive interactions, letting you create elaborate works seamlessly.

Modern 14/15 Laptop PC

The New Modern 14/15 is MSI's first all-plastic (Eco-Friendly) lightweight laptop, using in-mold decoration technology to achieve clean production with no volatile poisonous gas and no sewage. The simple and effective production process is another interpretation of sustainable design. The benefit of the plastic injection molding process, it adopts the aesthetic design of Blobitecture, which is difficult to make by ordinary metal stamping. The exquisite texture on Modern 14/15 brings a smooth touch feeling. To meet the limitations of plastic molding, it cleverly hides the hand hole under the neat curved surface of the LCD cover. The TPU bar is designed for users not only to grab the body easily but also to prevent the outlet air from flowing back into the body. In addition, many new features are used in this lightweight and ECO design, like the new intuitive use keyboard layout, the new bigger and silky touchpad, cleverly hiding the hand hole, and the new stand design of the TPU bar. All the features are designed to make users connect to the world comfortably.

MAG Trident S Desktop PC
MAG Trident S is designed with simple metal finishes with extended and stacked lines, aiming to convey the image of cloud game streaming technology. This stylish 2.6-liter compact desktop, tailor-made for cloud games & mobile games, is equipped with many features including a powerful 8-core AMD Ryzen™ 7 APU, motherboard quick slot for an easier upgrade, and exclusive MSI Game Stadium. This gaming desktop allows gamers to play cloud games and mobile games with just one joystick, bringing gamers a richer gaming experience.



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