MSI CR52-M failure


the zen

I bought an MSI CR52-M cd-writer.
After installing MSI CR52-M i installed nero burning rom 5 wich was bundeld with the cd-writer .
After restarting my computer i launched nero and saw that it did not reconize the MSI CR52-M as a recorder.
I have tried multiple other burning programs but none seem to see the MSI CR52-M as a writer they just see it as a cd-rom drive. like nero does.
It seems to function perfectly as a cd-rom but not as a cd-writer.
In the contol panel under system it says that it is a cd-rom drive. Is this normal ? I use windows me. In the manual it says that windows me will automaticly detect and install the correct driver and that there is no need to install a driver.
I saw the firmware update on the msi site but therefore you need to be able the restart in dos witch isnt possible in windows me. and would that help ?

Is there something i can do to resolve this problem ?



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Jul 8, 2002
Try the registry checker over at , and also get the latest nero update while your there.

If there is another drive on the IDE cable woth the writer try the write on it's own.

the zen

ty for the reply assaf,

i installed nero 6, and the writer is alone on the IDE cable on the second slot (master) .
But still no change.
gonna look for that registry checker .