MSI Creator 17.3" A10SGS-252 - microSD slot painfully slow 23MB/s


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Dec 14, 2020
MSI Creator 17.3" A10SGS-252
product page:

"Connect to All Possibilities: *UHS-III card reader up to theoretical maximum transfer speed of 624 MB/s. Transfer speed may vary due to microSD Card configuration. UHS-II / UHS-I microSD cards backwards-compatible."

I'm only getting 23MB/s with a PNY Elite U1/V30/A2 512GB card and even my Sandisk Extreme cards when using the microsd card slot.

If I put a USB card reader stick in the USB slots, I get 90MB/s which is what I would expect.

This was before and after my Windows update to 20H2.

Something is definitely wrong not getting any where near 90MB/s.

My MSI WS60 and WT60 have no problems pulling 90MB/s with the SD card slot in those laptops.

Thanks for anything helpful.