MSI creator z16 some keys not working

Aug 2, 2023
This is my second MSI laptop, despite my initial decision not to purchase another after the battery problems with the GS63 Stealth. This time, I opted for the Creator Z16 model with an i9 processor, 32 GB of RAM, and Windows 11 (version 22h2).

However, I'm encountering a frustrating issue with the backspace and forward arrow keys on the keyboard. Despite upgrading the BIOS, resetting the embedded controller (EC), and trying various Windows workarounds, the problem persists, impacting the overall user experience. What's more disheartening is that there seems to be no conclusive fix for this issue on the MSI support forum or anywhere else.

What adds to my frustration is that I'm not alone in facing this problem. The MSI support forum reveals several users with the same issue, suggesting a potential design flaw or manufacturing defect that requires urgent attention.

In conclusion, while the Creator Z16 has potential, the persistent keyboard issue and its prevalence among users raise serious concerns about the product's quality. The lack of a clear solution further compounds these concerns. Promptly addressing this problem is crucial for restoring faith in MSI's products and ensuring a positive user experience.

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There is no MSI stuff here. In this situation, you have to narrow down the issue by recognizing that it is caused by hardware or software first.
Did you check if those keys are not working under BIOS mode? You can try to type the word(backspace) by setting the password.
There are different versions of Creator Z16. You have to provide the full name of laptop.
same problem here. it seems a software problem because keys start ad stop working during the day.

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1. You can cross-check if those keys work in the BIOS menu while you are encountering the issue.
2. You can use a different application to cross-check while you are encountering the issue.
Besides, you can uninstall SteelSeries software or any third-party software that is related to the keyboard to make sure if it is caused by the software.

If the above methods are not working, I am afraid that you need to provide more information.
1. How did you trigger the issue(Ex. Replication steps)?
2. How much time is needed to trigger the issue?
3. Which keys are not working?
Problem is hardware. Same keys as the other user: backspace and forward.

Pressing somewhere around the keyboard makes those keys working again for some time.

It's the 2nd hardware problem on this laptop in 1 year. Really disappointed.
Problem is hardware. Same keys as the other user: backspace and forward.
I am not sure how you recognize it is the hardware problem. If it is a hardware problem, you have to send the laptop to the service center for repair or use the external keyboard as a workaround.