MSI Debuts the AI Smart Access Control System to Fight COVID-19


Global Moderator
Mar 26, 2014
[Taipei, Taiwan] Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, body temperature measurement has become one of the crucial steps in preventing the spread of viruses. With the decades-long strength accumulated in the field of cutting-edge technology, AI-based face recognition and infrared thermal technologies, MSI develops a Smart Access Control System for small and medium enterprises supporting multiple entrances and exits. It can rapidly identify people to record attendance and take body temperature simultaneously, as well as preserve all the records of people access including visitors or unauthorized persons, to ensure employees' health and safety in the workplace.


Touchless & Safety

According to the research report, the COVID-19 virus can remain the contact surface for up to 72 hours. MSI AI Smart Access Control System, utilizing infrared thermal technology for body temperature detection, can effectively reduce the personal contact and virus spread, and even wearing a mask will not affect the accuracy of recognition. All footprint records will be completely preserved for administrators to query historical tracks later.

Fast & Security

With high accuracy and efficiency in face recognition, the system saves employees’ time in looking for badges as well as preventing buddy punching. It only takes 0.2 seconds to complete body temperature measurement and punching, greatly shortening the queue time. Also, this system only takes little space for installation and is suitable for small and medium enterprises to implement instantly.

Convenient, Save Time & Cost

The data of people access can be monitored through the terminal PC or mobile APP for real-time management of employees’ health and attendance. Using MSI AI Smart Access Control System to replace the traditional manpower management can greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise, much lower cost than the thermal imaging camera device on the market.

Due to the continuous outbreaks and mutations of the COVID-19, people's hygiene habits and lives are constantly changing. Those small and medium enterprises and public places with complicated entries and exits are bound to enhance their access management in the future. MSI AI Smart Access Control System, face recognition, temperature detection and attendance management integrated, will greatly reduce the traditional manpower allocation and management costs, and play an important role of the goalkeeper in the global pandemic.


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