MSI Dragon Center proposal


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Jun 22, 2020
I hope im write on right place correct me if i don't .

This new app. will be much more pleasant for all users if we have option to choose what we want and what we not need it before installation .
Lets say if i dont want to have :
True Color,Voice Control and Mystic Light,Lan Manager or even Gaming Mode i should have option to uncheck ticks for this services before installation .
And if i want only the monitor function i should check tick for monitor service then press next button to finish installation of this app .

postscript - it will be good idea and if we have some explanation for every service ( what it is and for what is for ) the new ones get shocked from so many services jump out from the desktop app. installation and on the end what running on the task manager .


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Apr 2, 2018
That would def help. That is one of the biggest complaints about Dragon Center is how "bloated" it is. You get things like that "LAN Manager" (which is just cFosSpeed being controlled through Dragon Center) weather you want it or not. The biggest complaint I've seen are from people that just want Mystic Light but have to install all of Dragon Center to get it.

Also last time I gave it a chance (maybe 3 months ago). I noticed it dose a poor job doing a clean uninstall of its self. I had files and folders left over relating to "LAN Manager / cFosSpeed " after uninstalling Dragon Center and MSI Dragon Center related folders and files all over the place on my OS drive after the uninstall.

It's just a sloppy app IMO.

My last 2 generations of boards have been MSI (and I upgrade my CPU every ~5-6 years) so I don't have first hand experience. But anytime I google the software for the other motherboard brands I never read good things. So I don't know how much if at all better their apps are. Just from looking at them Gigabytes seems / looks the nicest. I like that they design it around a "app center" that you use to install the components you choose.

Thankfully though unless you want / need mystic light I don't see any need to install Dragon Center on a desktop. MSI Laptop users I think are kind of stuck with it because it is more tightly integrated with the machine.