MSI established cooperation agreement with PandaCute Hong Kong girl e-sport team


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Jul 18, 2017
After the global e-sports started booming in 2002, the internationally renowned e-sports brand MSI has been leading the development of e-sports field and fully supported many internationally renowned teams, such as Fnatic who won the IEM 2018 CS:GO World Championship for three consecutive years, and The Flash Wolves with the Hearthstone World Championship. MSI believes that Hong Kong's e-sports market has enormous potential for development. Therefore, it will officially announce today (March 28, 2018) the sponsorship of PandaCute, the Hong Kong professional girl e-sport team. It also supports multiple MSI Team Dragon Hong Kong student teams and is committed to promoting Hong Kong e-sport industry development. The development of the e-sports market will help more young people who wish to join the e-sports industry.

Create professional gaming laptops
MSI is an international leading e-sports brand and has created G2B (Gamer to Business) cooperation model with the top team Fnatic since 2008, and creating the first gaming laptop specifically designed for e-sports players to integrate multiple e-sports elements. Since then, the product has swept the entire game market, and the e-sports elements that are deeply loved by users have been developed into motherboards, display cards and e-sports-related equipment in order to provide a complete ?e-sports spirit? products.

Fully sponsor international e-sports team to promote e-sports culture
MSI has always supported the global e-sports development and has sponsored potential e-sports teams all over the world. There are dozens of internationally renowned teams such as Team Fnatic and Flash Wolves. The former recently won the third world champion of the IEM 2018 CS:GO. The latter team member won the 2017 Hearthstone World Championship title. Both teams were sponsored by MSI since they were just beginning their professional careers.

Entering the Hong Kong market, teaming up with MAD TEAM and PandaCute
We are very pleased to have teamed up with Hong Kong famous singer Mr. Yu Wenle?s MAD TEAM and the well-known girl?s team PandaCute to jointly develop the Hong Kong gaming market. In the future, we will continue to provide a series of innovative and high-performance gaming products for them and all players. We believe MSI products bring them more advantages and an unparalleled gaming experience.

PandaCute is the first girl's professional game team in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, it has been occupying an irreplaceable position in HK eSports world. It has not only achieved outstanding records in the League of Legends competitions in Hong Kong, but also won the runner-up in the 2017 Guangzhou District competition. In the All-Star Game, it has also won fourth place, the team?s strength is beyond question. This time, PandaCute was sponsored by MSI and recently won the Your Youth Women's Championship to become the Triple Crown. They believe that they will make greater progress in the future and shine in Hong Kong's e-sports world.

TEAM DRAGOM Project Helps Hong Kong and Macau Young Students Pursue E-sport Dreams
MSI has long supported the development of the e-sports industry and found that many young people in the world are limited by resource to chase their dreams. Therefore, TEAM DRAGON project is promoted in various countries around the world to provide e-sports equipment and funds for young fellows.  Two teams of MSI TEAM DRAGON in Hong Kong and Macau are excellent. NoFancy entered the ESR Final Four in 2017. MSI sponsored their travel expenses when they went to Taiwan to participate the final stage. Although they didn?t qualified into final round, the students gained valuable experience. Later, they won the second in the "EES Elite Cup". The other team The.Invictus.HK, the record is also very impressive, the team won the runner-up in the "K11 Electronic Tournament" CS: GO Hong Kong representative.




Jul 5, 2016
Well done, MSI!
The eSport need your sponsor and counseling to let more gamers have more opportunity to chase their dream~:biggthumbsup: