MSI G41M-P28: Stereo but no multi-channel audio out with S/PDIF card


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Apr 22, 2023
Hi folks! New here and hoping to get some feedback on how to address this problem

I just installed an optical S/PDIF audio card on my old G41M-P28 PC and am only getting 2 channel stereo output through my Denon AVR-3310CI. I've had the analog audio jacks for front, center and side speakers connected to the Denon's pass-through RCA jacks and working brilliantly for some time now. But while looking into adding sub-woofers to the system, folks on the AVS forums suggested I first try installing an S/PDIF card and connect it to JSP1 connector on the G41M-P28 MB to provide an cleaner optical connection to the AVR and take full advantage of its functions.


That installed pretty easily, and I first thought I was getting all 5 channels through the Denon to the speakers until I found the Denon was using an effect setting to simulate multi-channel sound. With the Denon set to pass-through via the 'Pure' or 'Direct' setting for the optical input, I found running surround audio test files from my HTPC only resulted in 2 channel stereo playback to the front 2 speakers.

Bringing up Windows 7's 'Playback devices' settings with the SPDIF interface set as default, I brought up its properties and on the 'Supported Formats' tab ran the audio 'Test' function for both 'DTS Audio' and 'Dolby Digital'. That did in fact output audio to all 5 connected speakers.

Playback devices.jpg
SPDIF Supported Formats.jpg

But switching to the 'Advanced' tab and running the 'Test' for the sample rate and bit depth options, sound was only output to the front two speakers. Note the options there are all prefixed with '2channel'.

SPDIF Sample Rates & Bit Depth.jpg

Those same settings for my analog speakers are not prefixed that way, and the test outputs to all 5 speakers.

Analog Sample Rates & Bit Depth.jpg

So I tracked down the newer 2011-07-19 audio drivers for the G41M-P28 here, and they installed from its setup.exe with no complaints. But they still left me with only 2 channels sounding running that same test. Running the installer again and selecting the 'Uninstall drivers' option, the system rebooted and found a different set of drivers, perhaps directly from Microsoft. They left me with a full 7.1 setup for the analog setup, leaving options for S/PDIF unchanged. This is what the analog setup has looked like for some time:

Analog 7.1 setup.jpg

But I'm still stuck with just 2 channels coming through the optical out to the AVR. So I'm stumped at this point, and am hoping maybe someone here in the MSI forums might have a solution for getting this S/PDIF optical card's drivers set up properly to support full 7.1, or 5.1 for my case, and all 'speaking' to their relative speakers properly. ;)

Thanks for any feedback on this.
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