Msi GE 72 2QC Unboxing


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Jun 7, 2016
Hi guys, I'm writing about the unboxing of my MSI GE 72 2QC Apache. It is my first real gaming computer, and my first ever laptop that I have. Its all around black and red slim exterior has a refreshing professional sleek look to it. It is very light weight and isn't cumbersome at all. The laser etched chic-let style keys while most gamers don't like to play on, is a prefect fit for me and the white backlight is perfect for late night gaming. Now, lets talk about the insides of the powerhouse. It has a Intel i7 quad core haswell processor 4th gen. Not bad, but skylake was expensive you know, I saved this money up from my job at Khol's and I'm only in high school about to go off into college, so not too much money left on me. The graphics card is "new" nVidia GTX 960M. I say "new" cause while Im writing this nVidia released the 10 series of cards so its not relevant anymore. But still, I love this laptop and even though its my first laptop, and actual gaming computer, I think I will go back and back to MSI for gaming systems, for a long time cause they did a real good one with the GE72. I love this laptop and will continue to use it all throughout college. I legit have nothing else to say but MSI won't let me post this unless I manage to make it 350 words. Ok easy enough, just got to find stuff to fill in the empty space. You guys like Knock knock jokes?

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Interupting Cow
Interrupting cow wh-?

There that should more than be enough
(yes i will go kys after making that joke)
That's still not enough apparently. Ok just got to fill some space that's all. If you guys are wondering why I'm writing this, its mainly just to get points to exchange for Final Fantasy type 0 hd. I love Final Fantasy and can't wait for final fantasy fifteen to come out. My favorite one is 9. If you're still here I don't know why. This is all just me trying to fill up space. The unboxing write-up was finished minutes ago. Anyway that should be enough words now so bye.


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Apr 3, 2013
Good start, but could you please add few photos so that we could see what you got? Thank you.