MSI GE 72 2QD Apache Pro HELP PLZ


New member
Feb 15, 2017
OK so ive had my msi for about a year now and its been amazing but for about a week and a half now every time i play OW the bottom of the laptop gets hot like burning hot, and i turn on cool booster and the temp still stays the same, i changed my graphic quality in game to medium thinking that would maybe fix it but still nothing, i do play on balance battery sometimes swapping to gaming. Im also experiencing the "plugged in not charging" and ive read forums and watched videos some say when the comp gets to 100 it will drop etc. just worried that maybe something is wrong on the inside, if anyone has any tips on this it would be greatly appreciated. ALSO i was wondering if anyone knows this laptop well enough to give me tips on speeding up performance in game. sometimes when i play WoW or OW it will start to just lag incredibly.