MSI GE70 Apache Pro 2PE heat issues


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Jun 28, 2016
Hello everyone,
I have had my laptop (MSI GE70 Apache Pro 2PE) for about one and a half years now, and recently I've noticed that the GPU and CPU seem to be very hot. Some of the games I have been playing recently seem to have performance decrease and seem to be making the laptop run 5-7 degrees hotter than usual. While running Battlefield 4 at medium-high settings, the GPU gets up to about 89-90 degrees Celsius, while the CPU has been getting up to 96 degrees Celsius. I have ran XTU to check the performance and clocks of the CPU, and they seem to be at their default settings, but at the temperatures previously stated, the CPU seems to, at times, be throttling up to 75%. These temperatures, for both the GPU and CPU, seem to be very hot compared to what other people with similar laptops have told me they are getting, and I don't understand why. The ambient temperature in the room I use this laptop in is about 28 degrees Celsius. The fan works perfectly, especially since I had it replaced last summer by MSI, and there is nothing blocking the vents. The heat issues seem to be causing performance decreases, and I get some stuttering in games that I previously didn't, in which the framerate sometimes drops from 75-80 fps to 40-30 fps. I am at a loss for what could be causing the temperatures to be this high, as they never seemed to be in the 90's until recently. Strangely, whenever this stuttering happens, unplugging and plugging in the laptop from the charger seems to fix the framerate issues, but only momentarily, and the stuttering returns within seconds. The games I have experienced this in are Battlefield 4, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Seige.

Are these temperatures normal for this specific laptop, or should I be worried that they seem to be so high, because I have heard that anything above 90 degrees Celsius is the danger zone where computer hardware starts to overheat and break.

Here are my specs, in case you need them:

i7-4710HQ @ 2.5Ghz
GTX 860m
12Gb RAM
Windows 10 Home


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Mar 18, 2014
You may need to clean your fans and heatsinks out. Applying new thermal paste to you GPU and CPU may help out as well.


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Jun 3, 2016
look to the task manager and control if there is any other application what can cause the problem


May 27, 2016
I start to worry when my laptop temp reaches beyond 80*C, but yeah I believe the threshold is 85-90*C.

Do you let the fans run at its max speed (that the fan button on your keyboard's top-left corner lets it run at) when you play games? There was no mention of the fan speed, and stock fan speeds are set to...not really fast speed and not component-friendly for cooling off, so maybe you have to max out fan speeds.
If it is still heated up in idle time though, like above 65*C, do follow selcuk's advice. You can check your CPU/GPU clock speeds in idle times as well. Sometimes for me, after playing a game, the CPU/GPU clocks seem to stay at their max or boosted clock rate, which a restart usually fixes it.

There's Silent Option software for your MSI laptop fan speeds configuration, too. Said to be compatible with GE70 2PE:
msiTechNB date=1432548346 said:
Here comes the beta version of fan control application for MSI laptops.

Silent Option VersionSilent Option V1.0.1510.2301Silent Option V1.0.1603.3101
CPU Generation
Haswell, Broadwell (Intel? Core? i7-4xxx/Intel? Core? i7-5xxx)
*How to identify CPU Generation?
Skylake(Intel? Core? i7-6xxx)
*How to identify CPU Generation?
OSWin 7 32-bit / 64-bit,Win 8 32-bit / 64-bit,Win 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit,
Win 10 32-bit / 64-bit
Win 7 32-bit / 64-bit,Win 8 32-bit / 64-bit,Win 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit,
Win 10 32-bit / 64-bit
Download Link
Released Date2016/5/62016/5/6
Required SCM before installationYESNO
System Requirement:
1. MSI SCM utility must be installed.(Except for Skylake version)
2. For Windows 7, please install .NET Framework 4.0.
   For Windows 8/8.1, please install .NET Framework 4.0 or newer version.
3. Require administrator privilege during the installation.
4. Only supports on some models.
   Please refer to the model list in PDF file for Haswell and Broadwell.

5. Only supports MSI branded models.



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Sep 17, 2016
Hi there

Yeah I'd try giving them fans a clean, you could of built up quite a bit of dust in the time you have had it. I also like to stick the  vacuum cleaner over intakes etc once a week to help get any dust out of mine. As just a helping hand to the laptop


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Sep 5, 2016
Thanks everyone, sorry I forgot my password for the site.
I do have the fans turned on.
The laptop still gets to 65-70 when under "heavy" gaming, light gaming it gets to 50 tops.
Its just I start worry as I'm gaming my keyboard gets warm.
And I don't want to ruin this laptop, only had it 3-4 months.