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Jan 2, 2018
A power almost 100% higher than the previous generation. This has been the letter of introduction of the GTX 1080 in all the tests to which this graphic card has been submitted.
The new series of Nvidia graphics cards has surprised everyone in every conceivable aspect by potentially overcoming, reducing consumption and maintaining a price that nobody expected, especially knowing that it doubles, and in some cases triples, the graphic performance of the 980 and maintains a price very similar to the launch of these.

All gamers want to have a graphics card like this MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR OC, a graphics based on the Pascal architecture, 11GB GDDR5X, with FinFET technology and compatible with DirectX 12.

This graph is, in terms of power, one of the best beasts I've ever tasted. I'm playing all 2K Ultra games, then I put a list of games. As for aesthetics it is very simple, without lights or anything aggressive that gives that gaming aesthetic, but I bought it precisely for that reason. The quality of the card is MSI, that is, tremendous. In temperatures it is a tad higher than other assemblers with 3 fans although this has the system that below 55 ? approx. the fans do not turn on, which makes the noise while you're on the desk, or playing low-power games, be it nil. The list of games that I have presented to Ultra 2K: GTAV, HotS, Shadow of Mordor, GW2, Dead by Daylight. With these anyone can get an idea of the power.
The best graphic (literally). It has a spectacular performance. The temperature is kept at bay with these fans. In fact it is highly recommended that you have 2 fans and avoid the 1080ti with a fan. Since it is a graph that consumes a lot, I have found a way to optimize this aspect. Using MSI Afterburner you can lower the power to 75%, increase the speed of the memory +550 Mhz and graphics processor +125 Mhz. With that I have managed to work stable, at 60 degrees under 100% constant load and with reduced consumption.
I had doubts between this and the X Gaming. In the end, I did not choose it, but my circumstances (there was no stock) and the truth, I do not know how much I doubt it. It is very beautiful (more than it seems in the photos) and although the aesthetic is not red like the others, if you have any led in your system, it will leave the color that the LEDs emit (it is white). for the rest, it is a 1080ti X gaming without backplate. allows you to configure silent, gaming and Overclock. and it's more than enough for any current game.
Really amazing graphics! I bought it in the pcdays and I saved ? 70 .. What to say about it, a whole graphic portent, a delight to play 4k 60FPS in ULTRA, in some games you still do not reach the 60 FPS but it is more for the optimization of the game than by the graph, as they update the drivers will get more potential.
Well the best in terms of graphics cards that you can put in your face, it is not very big and 250w consumption at full performance, so with any power supply and you can make it work. I make a 1080i SLI, you have to take into account that you need a good box with good cooling because they quietly raise you to 85? and with the fans running at 100% and 83?-87? temperature fluctuations at full performance. My box is a NZXT Phantom 530 with 6 fans of 140mm and one of 220m. Unused temperature of 30? with an ambient temperature of 22 degrees both in full performance and without use.


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