MSI GF62 7RD amazing performance for price. Here's my game play experience.


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Jul 30, 2018
The MSI GF62 7RD gaming notebook comes with a 4GB gtx 1050, i7 7700hq and 16gigs of ram to almost fulfill your experiences with any game! The laptop is also equipped with a RGB 3-Part keyboard, M.2 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD and 2 7200 rpm fans to keep down the temps when you overclock. I have played many games with this laptop consisting off PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, Rocket league and Rainbow Six. Overall the games ran pretty smooth but over time the CPU gets up to about 95 degrees but doesnt go any higher.

In depth Experiences:
PUBG: Running this game at medium gives you a full 60fps+ game play with out any frame drops. Any other graphics options higher than this can still give you 60fps+ with little to some frame dropping. Temps can get very high very quickly while running this game.
Fortnite: This game can honestly run 60fps on ultra but i like to play on a mixture of high, ultra and medium to insure i do not frame drop. Playing on ultra can sometimes lag depending on the situation. Similar to pubg temps get high quickly.
CSGO: No matter what settings you play on you will almost never go below 80-90 fps. Temps are always fine and never really go above 80 during playing this game for a long period of time.
Rocketleauge: I have the same experience with this game as with CSGO. I can get a consistent 120 fps and low-ish temps due to this game not being demanding. 
Rainbow Six Seige: When i first bought this laptop i could run this game on ultra at 80+ fps but due to owning this laptop for about 7 months i can run it on medium graphics on 60fps with some frame drops. Temps get to about 95 degrees when playing this game for a short time but again, dont go any higher.

I would recommenced this laptop for traveling and still being able to play many triple A titles at 60 fps. Keep in mind these benchmarks were tested at the laptop's current state~ almost a year old which lead to higher temps and slightly different fps.


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Jul 12, 2018
Personally, Ill go for the GTX 1050Ti. Just in case any new games come out. And you never know when you will want to play it on higher performance. Aim a little higher goes a long way