msi GL72 6QF usb ports not working

Jan 4, 2024
hello, my problem is when i plugged in an usb cable into an usb 3.0 port (i used it before qith no problems) the whole laptop usb ports stopped working, i tried to fix it with windows, but there wasnt any luck. i used the usb cable before with no problems. i need help because i need to sell it.
Not sure if the problem is caused by the USB cable. You can use the USB flash driver to check if the USB ports is working properly.
If that's the case, the issue might clearly be a hardware problem with the USB port. I suggest sending it to RMA for repair.
If the USB ports on your MSI GL72 6QF aren't working, try these steps: restart your laptop, check for driver updates in Device Manager, dish billing issues and ensure USB ports are enabled in the BIOS. If the issue persists, reinstall USB drivers from MSI's official website. Inspect the ports for physical damage and consider using a USB hub to test connectivity.