MSI GL72M 7RDX unboxing and game review


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Jan 21, 2018
Hey there,

today I'm gonna share my opinion about my recently bought MSI GL72M 7RDX gaming notebook with you. I will start with some technical information, followed by a list of pros and cons, and finish with a conclusion including a small review about the performance in a few games I've been playing on it already.

Let's get started.

Since I care about local economy, I bought the notebook in a local store called "MEDIMAX Limburg". I usually try to buy all my electronics there, the reason for this is that the store has a very professional, friendly and generous staff with lots of experience in all kind of technologies and electronical devices. Also they are an official MSI partner, which I definitely appreciate. In case of an issue, I can get my support in my local store of first choise.

Technical information:
-Model: MSI GL72M 7RDX
-Motherboard: MS-1799
-Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 MHz, 4 core
-Main memory(RAM): 8GB RAM DDR4
-Graphic card(GPU): MSI GeForce GTX1050
-Hard disk: HGST 1TB HDD
-Display: 17.3inch(43,94cm), 1.920 x 1.080p(fullHD)
-SLOTS: 1x Ethernet-port(LAN), 1x USB2.0, 2x USB3.0, 1x USB3.1 Type-C, 3in1 Memory Card Reader(SD, XD, Sony Memory Stick, ect.), HDMI-port, Thunderbolt-port, 1x Audio input(3,5mm), 1x Audio output(3,5mm), WiFi(IEEE 802.11ac, b, g, n) and Bluetooth 4.0
-Gaming keyboard by steelseries
-Bought the device with FreeDOS, but installed Win10 Pro myself.

-Display size is good to play video games on it.
-Audio quality is decent, the speakers are in a good position.
-Keyboard is lit, which makes it possible to see the keys in the dark. It also has a numpad.
-MSI Dragon Center. A very useful software which allows the user to configurate the fan rotation speed at temperature and gives access to clocking options such as ECO, Comfort, Sport and even Turbo via SHIFT(If you don't know what this is, google MSI SHIFT). Definitely a huge pro!
-Due to a good positioning of the devices fans, it runs on good temperatures and remains silent, even in performance mode.
-According to my vendor, the hardware (such as CPU, GPU and RAM) is upgradable.
-MSI Promotions. MSI is doing a lot to satisfy it's customers in different ways. In the one hand, there is the MSI Points reward programm, in which you can collect points by registering your products or for example being active in the MSI forums, to gain rewards such as Assassins Creed Origins or Ghost Recon Season Pass, in the other hand there are promotion programms like "Xmas Promotion Gift Pack" or "Holiday New Year Promotion Gift Pack" which include extra MSI products like mouse pads, mouses, headsets, stickers, notebook backpacks, ect.

-No SSD. This device has only a HDD. The shop had other variations of the same device, for example with a 256GB SSD integrated, but i could not afford that one. It might be important to get an SSD though to experience the maximum performance the device can deliver.
-No CD/DVD/Blueray drive. For many people this may not be that important, but lots of people also want to play their old games like "Warcraft III" on their notebooks and therefore can not install their games with the original discs.
-Integrated Webcam is not really good.

As you can see, even if it has the newest Intel Processor- and NVIDIA GPU- series, the device is alow to medium budget gaming notebook. Which doesn't mean, it has no performance at all - because it does!
I can play games like "League of Legends" and "Heroes of the Storm" on the highest possible video quality settings on a constant framerate around 100 fps. Also playing "World of Warcraft" on between "high" and "ultra" is not a problem, including a constant framerate between 60 and 70 fps. The GTX 1050 is surely a solid GPU to play most games on a higher video quality.
The MSI Dragon Center software allows me to set the performance and fan settings on any specific level needed, which results to low temperatures and a silent notebook. Even after hours of playing on high video quality settings, it usually runs at around 65?C (most games even lower). As far as i can say, it did never hit the 70?C so far. That is REALLY good and I like it VERY much!

All in all the GL72M 7RDX is a good device and worth the 850? I payed for it. It has two years guarantee, like any other MSI product and I have an MSI partner in my local store who is ready to support me in any kind of problem. I've already talked to him to get an SSD built in my device soon. That will not burn my warranty. I've also got one of those gift packs. And that is awesome!

Finally, here are some pictures of my notebook and further equipment. Thank you for your attention and hopefully have a good MSI experience in future! :)