MSI GP62 7RD(Leopard)- GTX 1050 4gb ddr5 graphic memory Unboxed


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Sep 10, 2017
I have Just purchased GP62 7RD(Leopard)-1297XTH-BB7770H4G1T0SX from Thailand (IT City) its cost 31000Baht ( 950$ ) , Its very Good and cheap  laptop for gaming . It has backlit keyboard , with optional SSD m2 support , Configuration is I7 7700 HQ , 4gb 1050 GTX DDR5 Graphic , 4 gb ram , you need to upgrade  it to 16 gb or 8 gb . looking is so good , I have purchased same configuration HP OMEN but looking wise msi is better than Omen , Check Pics , I also request to redeem Rocket League , they mail me coupon code after 2 or 3 week .

iits better than HP OMEN , I have bought 2 laptops , but this laptop give me more fps in MAD MAX , Besides Hp omen has same configuration but a little slow .   I am happy with this model . if your budget is low and you want a performance laptop than buy it . And don't forget to register this product immediately to give extra 3 months warranty . they ask some question and fill that , also they offered 2 months premium code , I don't know how is that service , but its free so just grab it .

you just need to makes few changes to make this powerful 

upgrade ram to 16 gb and upgrade 128 GB SSD for OS

The gaming beast is backed by 2.8 GHz i7 Kaby Lake CPU and GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU combined with 16 GB DDR4 RAM. The combination makes the machine a real beast to handle almost every type of game as the latest generation of GeForce GPU has improved 3D performance. Added with Cooler Boost 4 cooling solution, the laptop offers smooth gaming experience
I played games like Thief, Shadow of Mordor, NFS and some other titles on it. The LEOPARD handled all the games quite easily. While playing these games we didn?t notice any visible performance lag. With about 100 fps it was able to render the graphics beautifully. To go beyond, we ran all four games at the same time and played one while running rest in the background. Still, there was no issue with the performance.
While using with the laptop, we got about more than 5 hours of battery backup with moderate usage. But when we played some intensive games, it lasted for about 3 hours. In our video loop test, the battery was able to play video for about 3 hours and 23 minutes over Wi-Fi with full brightness and volume.