MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro SSD Specifications


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Nov 22, 2015
I have had so many headaches because of this laptop, today I find a new one.
So to try and save others the hassle of the garbage documentation on this laptop, and MSI's inability to share that documentation, I give you this:
The SSD specifications for this laptop

1 x M.2 Socket 2 for B Key Type 2280 x SATA3

If you purchase an M.2 2280 SSD, it will not fit. It MUST be an M+B type connector, and it must be SATA, not NVMe.
If you try, you will run into this issue where the key slot and the socket key do not fit:
Even then there's no guarantee the board will support it if it's a very new SSD, it may be best to contact MSI directly to ask about their "approval list" which doesn't exist anywhere online.

This information comes from this source:

I have to thank sportkung for linking this in the pinned SSD upgrade topic: