MSI GP73 Leopard 8Re Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (VBIOS LESSON LEARNED)


Jul 31, 2020
For those people out there please be very careful not to brick your onboard video card I've been there and done it and it was in my MSI Leopard GP73 Re laptop lost my Nvidia GTX 1060 and only had intel Graphics left and according to MSI tech support when i called and spoke to them it was a good chance i needed a motherboard replacement to address the problem. Thank god my lucky stars i had a little computer programming knowledge along with being able to track down the original Vbios for the GTX1060 6GB not the 3GB and knowing how to reflash the Nvidia portion of the motherboard recovering the onboard video card. It`s not an easy feat to do very tricky because depending on how badly the initial flash was on the videocard it can sometimes try to reject a reflash with the proper Vbios. It took me 2-3 reflash attempts before it restored the original Vbios. I now have a MSI GP75 Leopard Core i7-10750H / 16GB DDR4 RAM / 512GB NVME SSD / Nvidia RTX2060 6BGB VRAM and trust me its a lesson well learned. Less hassle girls and boys just to leave the Vbios alone unless your 100% positive you have the right Vbios, the programming skill and instructed specifically by an MSI Technician to upgrade. I have both machines now i was able to fix my GP73 Leopard 8re as mentioned above. If anyone out there needs the original Vbios .ROM for the GP73 Leopard just let me know.
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