MSI Graphics Fan Tool Zero Frozr does not want to stay off


New member
Feb 20, 2021
Hello everyone,

I try to switch the Zero Frozr off but it is always switch to on after a moment or when I look to Graphics Fan Tool , I do not know why ? I see that it is off when I look to Hardware Monitoring on looking to the gPU fan speed but it is always return to on for some reason I do not know.
Hello everyone,

I find why it does not change it is du to the user scenario application which keep it run or not with the chosen scenario, so now I want to keep my processor to run at 3.6Ghz not at 4.7Ghz like the user scenario does, how can I do it with msi center ?
Hello everyone,

I decide to shortcup MSI center and switch off the intel boost with the BIOS option, now it works fine and my computer is always lower than 70°C in AAA game. Thanks for the help.