MSI GS60 6QD Unboxing


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Mar 26, 2015
Using Macbook and iMac for years, I planned to purchase a PC notebook for a while to work and to play PC games with friends as well. I?m casual gamer and only play League of Legend for the moment, but I need a notebook is able to run Photoshop or Illustrator correctly for my job. After a quick survey, I decided to purchase the MSI GS60 with some reasons:

  • Thin and light: totally perfect for me with a 15.6? notebook less than 2 kilo of weight. The mobility is extremely important for me because I travel a lot with my job. I really don?t want to move with a bulk notebook.
  • Sufficient performance: GS60 6QE equips with a Nvidia GTX965 and latest 6th i7 processor. It?s sufficient for most of the PC games in the market and way enough for the games I play.
  • Graphic design: With my job, sometimes, I have to use basic functions in Photoshop, Illustrator and video editing software. Even if this notebook is designed for gaming, but it can also support the functions I need and works correctly.

Time to unboxing now:  

That?s whatwe call unboxing?
I reallylike the red and sparkle dragon on the inner box, a sophisticated and elegant image. Hope MSI will put this version of logo on the notebook someday. Look the right effect on the red logo? I will put it in my room as a decoration.

I have to say they spend a lot on the package.


I saw this sticker right after open the notebook. Apparently, MSI uses the new GTX965M and the performance is 15% better than the old one. This is interesting because I didn?t hear any information about it, so I did some survey on the internet.
?Early 2015 a new version of the 965M (codename N16E-GR, formerly known as 965M Ti) based on the GM206 will be available that features higher core clocks of 935 MHz base and 1151 MHz Turbo. This resulted in a 12% faster performance in games (in our tests with a MSI GE72 pre-sample in maximum detail settings). The TDP however should remain at 50 Watt like the GTX 960M and the chip is also pin compatible. In theory the GM206 also supports HDMI 2.0, but the laptop has to implement the wiring for this correctly.?

To verify if I really got the new GTX965M, I also tested with 3DMark 11, the result is P8188, not far from the number on the sticker.


Regarding to the CPU, there are some test results as reference with CPU-Z


MSI offers a ?Shift? function with which allow to modify the CPU and GPU performance (Green/ Comfort/ Sport modes) just by pressing 2 buttons:  fn+F7.

Another thing you will never miss is after open this notebook is the keyboard. First of all, it?s SteelSeries keyboard. The feedback of the keyboard is much better than the normal notebook keyboard. Believe me, this is something you have to try to know the big difference. Moreover, the keyboard is multi-color. I know a lot of gaming notebooks are with backlite keyboards but they are mostly one color or up to 3, but MSI offers multicolor keyboard with SteelSeries Engine with which I can modify the keyboard color setting or action depending on my mood. There is one setting called breathing, which I think it?s nice stuff for party because the color changes with music. And this is really the lightest backlite I?ve ever seen because of the special printing technology called silver lining print.

There are 2 things I really want to mention about GS60 6D: Cooling, Sound.

With a thin and light design, I rarely feel high temperature when I use it because of the dual fans and separated heat pipes system for CPU and GPU. I take the data from notebookcheck since I?m not able to test the temperature by myself.  ) The average temperature is 42.2?C in Idle situation and 49.5?C in max. load situation.  Both are acceptable for human skin and user experience.


I have to say MSI works a lot on sound because it provides a completed solution from software to hardware: Nahimic for software, Dynaudio for speakers and ESS Sabre Hi-Fi for headset.  MSI cooperated with Dynaudio for years and the sound quality is undoubted. (Bugatti has also employed Dynaudio as their OEM audio supplier.) ESS Sabre Hi-Fi can represent the lossless audio if we choose the correct audio sources. Nahimic is the software to enhance the sound effect both for speakers and headset. I can feel the big difference just turn on the Nahimic and I can go into the details depending to my needs.

There are still some nice features in this notebook. Some of them are less interesting for me but they are still very useful. For example, the matrix display with 3 screens is an excellent tool for my work, especially for film editing. Killer LAN is helpful when I play League of Legend and etc..  Anyway, I just want to say I bought a nice product just with a small complain about the battery life. The battery life isn?t really sufficient for me because I often have to stay outside whole day. But it seems I have no choice to take the heavy AC with me to avoid out-of-battery situation. I understand well nothing is perfect, so this is acceptable for me and just think in positive side: it can also be a sport.

In the end, just some photo to shows the elegant design of GS60




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Jun 13, 2016
I'm using GS60 as well and I do like the design, light enough for a girl like me to carry to everywhere.

Recently I started playing the division with my friends and it runs pretty well, some of my friends still thought MSI was a low-end brand, but after showing them my GS60, they all felt impressed by the quality :biggthumbsup:  

The performance, the touch feeling of the keyboard with beautiful back light, the sound powered by Dynaudio & Nahimic all give me wonderful experience!!:agrees:


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Jun 13, 2016
With outstanding cooling, sound performance, GS60 is indeed good piece.
a great choice for those pursue performance/portability