MSI GT60-0NC BD PROCHOT Throttling - EC Firmware might help?

Jul 31, 2020
Guidance here would be much appreciated.
I have a MSI GT60-0NC
GTX 980M 8GB

This started happening after a windows update. I rolled back the update, but the issue persisted.
Spent 8 hours last night performing research and these are my findings:

I open a game such as GTA5 the CPU downclocks to 1.2 GhZ causing bottleneck
After downloading ThrottleStop I saw the code LIMIT ERROR value "BD PROCHOT"
Upon disabling BD PROCHOT I was able to return Core Frequency Values to boost clock of 3.0 (won't clock up to 3.4)
The LIMIT ERROR value now reads "POWER"
My CPU Temps are 70 degrees max load.
GPU Temps around 50-60

Additionally, I've tried installing different versions of the Chipset HM77 drivers as well as PCIE Root Bridge and DRAM controllers as I also suspected it to be a CPU interrupt issue. This did not help at all.
I also suspected a CPU undervolt may help, but unfortunately Intel Extreme Tuning is not capable on my platform.

My understand is that BD PROCHOT limits to prevent a single fan connected to both a GPU and CPU from becoming overwhelmed.
It doesn't seem to be a heat issue, especially given "POWER" being the limiting factor after disabling PROCHOT.
The issue is when POWER LIMIT happens, there is a studder.
I've tried downclocking the CPU's boost to 2.75 GhZ which helps, but creates an even further bottleneck resulting in only 45% of the GPU to be utilized.

Any ideas?


Big mac
Jul 1, 2020
Before running Windows update, is it okay to play GTA V?
Did the problem happen at play other games?
What is your laptop Windows OS version now?

I suggest you update BIOS, EC, and VGA drivers to the latest version.
BIOS and EC:
Intel VGA driver:
NVIDIA driver:

Maybe you can run the 3DMark Fire strike and Cinebench to check the graphics card and CPU performance.,1.html
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