MSI GT60 0NE release


New member
Aug 30, 2012
Hey.For the past few months i have been saving money for a new computer. I was just about to buy the msi gt60 0nc, when i noticed that there was a new one on its way with a gtx 680m(gt60/70) 0ne).
I waited for it to get released. About 2 weeks later the gt70 0ne was released in a lot of countries. A little time later the gt60 0ne was released too. I live in Denmark, and our stores first received the gt70 0ne at the time where most of the world also had received the gt60.
I noticed that there wasn't much time between the release of the gt 70 and 60, so i thought that there wouldn't go much time before we would be able to by the gt 60 in Denmark.. But i have now waited for three weeks, and i havent heard anything about the gt60. Does anyone have a clue on when they might release the gt60 0ne in places like Denmark?
Thanks in advance :)