MSI GT660 Upgrade CPU and/or GPU


New member
Jun 24, 2011
I've searched the forum(and net) for this question but came up empty. Is it possible to upgrade MSI GT660's CPU(current i7-740QM) and/or GPU(current GTX-285M)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any idea if GPU on it is MXM 3.0 B(like on GX660) or a different type? If its possible - which(better) CPU/GPU are available that would fit?

Thanks in advance!!!

P.S. If anyone needs any help on upgrading RAM or HDD/SDD on this model - post your question here as i have done both(went to 10GB(4/4/2) of RAM, upgraded HDD to faster Samsung M4 and added 120Gb Sata6G SSD to 2nd bay) and will be glad to walk you through this(quite simple) process.

Update: SOmeone send me a link to this -
And accoring to it GT660 is in fact MXM v3.0 B compatible. Just want to confirm it before pulling the trigger though(also would prefer a bit faster card since 560m is not much faster than my gtx-285m(well not faster to justify the upgrade price), was hoping to get AMD 6970M(or 6990 perhaps) if thats compatible with my system(already have 150w PSU)