msi GT72-2QD (i7-5700HQ / GTX 970M, 3GB) and Win10 Pro: which drivers to install ?


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Dec 5, 2016
several months ago upgraded my good ol' msi GT72-2QD to Win10 (from 8.1 home/preinstalled) and later to Win 10 Pro (clean instal). Currently i'm using drivers coming from Windows Update.
Before updating to Win10 i've only been using drivers being offered by msi for my GT72 and for Win8.1.

My question:
*) is it OK to keeep all current drivers (automatically) provided/installed by WindowsUpdate for Win10 Pro?
*) Or should i take/instal the latest drivers being offered by nVidia, Intel, Killer LAN, Realtek, etc. etc. ?

The problem is: my current driver for the GTX 970M (coming from Windows Update) is too old for some latest games releases (e.g. BF). Therefore id like to update the graphics driver (only)... ...but i'm not sure if the latest driver from nVidia will work fine on my GT72...

greets from europe/germany.