MSI GT72S 6QD - Can't power on , tried all reset options


New member
Mar 16, 2023
Hi guys,

Wondering if anybody could help me please, noticed randomly my AC adapter was no longer being recognized when i ran the "battery calibration app"

The next thing I noticed was the ac adapter wasn't being recognized at all, this included when the machine was powered down.
bought an identical PSU same issue.

Anyway, the machine was only working on the battery so I thought to do a reset, and take out the CMOS battery and main battery and ever since I did that it's not given me any life what so ever.

I've had hundreds of laptops over the years and always wear anti-static bands, any ideas?

I personally think something has gone on the motherboard.

I have done the pinhole reset / cmos reset / numerous power drains and re-tests.

Do MSI offer an out-of-warranty service for inspection?

7820HQ / 970M combo !

Thank you in advance.