MSI GT72S 6qe Upgraded to GT72VR 6RE MoBo swapped over GTX 980m. Need Proper Vbios to run latest drivers. Also Lost 75Hz G-Sync due to using 980m


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Aug 22, 2021
Hey there I have a MSI GT72s 6QE i7-6700hq chassis that the original motherboard died in. I purchased a parts GT72vr 6RE i7-6700hq that came with a faulty GTX 1070 gsync model. I swapped the 6RE board into the chassis of my 6QE with no issues other then some GPU issues. I reused my GTX 980m 8gb G-Sync model from my 6QE over and nvidia would not automatically install the drivers. I modified the .inf file and tried to install the latest drivers but it would come up with a code 43. I went back and downloaded the drivers for the 6QE motherboard modded the .inf and was successfully able to get the GTX 980m 8gb to finally work with the older Nvidia 368.71 drivers to work stable. I have however lost my G-Sync option and I am locked at 60Hz no longer able to get to 75Hz. This is the Hardware ID that my 980m 8GB produces while installed in the 6RE MoBo: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1617&SUBSYS_11AF1462. I am assuming I need a modded vbios or other bios to get my G-Sync back and to correct my hardware ID so I can update to the latest drivers without getting a code 43. The 6RE MoBo I got was a G-Sync model with its 1070 so I should be able to get it working. If anyone could let me know a proper vbios or bios to install to make the 980m 8gb compatible with the newer GT72vr 6RE MoBo that would be great! My current bios: E1785IMS.119 and current EC: 1785EMS1.107. Any help would be great! Thank you!