MSI GT72VR 6RE CPU side fan not spinning


New member
Apr 6, 2019
My MSI GT72VR 6RE laptop, recently overheat a lot. well its a few years ago laptop now, and the warranty is out, so I had clean the fan myself
But then I discover that the CUP side fan does not work , it sort of turn one turn when start up the laptop and stop turning after that, I mean there are power going to it, because it turn a little when start up the laptop, but after that nothing.
I look in the Dragon Centre and see that the CPU fan is running in 0 RPM, that is why I keep over heat when playing high demand game, I try to use every mode on the fan, but still nothing, the fan just not turning at all.
I don't know if the fan is bad or I need to do something with the software side
As you can see in the picture that the GPU side fan is running, but the CPU fan is at 0. Luckily the fan design on the laptop had 1 tube to transfer the CPU heat to the GPU fan, so I can still use the Laptop, but don't think I can play any game with the CPU Keep over heating