[MSI GT780DX 406US) Lov it! But having some problems..(lot of blue screens,etc)


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Feb 5, 2012
  Hello people, :worship:

  First let me say that I loved the notebook in every way. Since I bought the notebook, I became a big fan of MSI, and I will not think 2x when between MSI and any other brand.

  EXCEPT ....

  I'm having some problems that even thought about letting go, but I'm afraid of them become something even greater, or damage any part, or anything like that.
  Even because lately the blue screens of death has become more frequent, and there says something about "Has Been the windows shutdown to PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER", then comes what dumping memory stuff  and i have to reboot...
  Its happening frequently, every 5 minutes, and it has happened about 3 times as I tried to do this topic.  :wall:
  I want to make clear that I'm no expert in any software or overclocking, I'm just a noob who loves MSI and GAMES and would like to let my laptop running "smoothly".

  The only important thing about my laptop is that he bought in Frostycomputers.com (thank you A LOT Ben Hsu, great seller and extremely honest and helpful) and also bought a OCZ Vertex 30gb SSD, which is where I installed    Windows 7 Home Premium 64, otherwise , the machine is completely default.

  Well, here's the problems:

        *** Watch Youtube is very unstable. Sometimes the video does not load, gives the notebook a few other blue screen of death.

        *** Usually i turn on the MSI Afterburner for games like Skyrim or Battlefield 3, but especially in the battlefield, after awhile, the game crashes and closes.

        The voltages used on MSI afterburn:
        Core: 650
        Shadder: 1300
        Memory: 1650

  Before the voltages were even higher (something like 750, 1500, 1750) but the game just crashed, so I decided to go down.

  PS: Dont know if i can, but usually use the MSI afterburn along with the function P1 (auto overclocked), and obviously the fans up to maximum.

      *** As I said before, the fact that worries its because blue screens of death are more frequent just out of nowhere...
      The fourth time it happened in less than 20 minutes, I decided to turn the windows into safe mode with networking, and so far the windows still up (at least I can finish the topic ...)

      *** I wonder also who has the same configuration, wich voltages you guys usually use on MSI Afterburner? (something safe with good performance)

  Well, as you can see I think I need some lessons in how to use this notebook.

  Feel free to ask for tests / print screens or any kind of stuff.


  And the last and most important question:

  Should I worry about something or is this normal?

                    Thank you already!