MSI GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GAMING Unboxing

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Jan 1, 2018
As a first time owner of Msi products with this card.  I'm very happy with my purchase.  From start to finish there were no complications.  This was a key component in making my plans for a mini but yet powerful gaming build possible with small factor characteristics.  I do have some things to point out I found in the unboxing and setup of the card that may impact others choosing this card for their rig(s).

First off, I was very appreciative and surprised with the packaging complemented with materials that made me smile.  Small things like the recycled/environmentally conscious envelope for example that had the CD and manuals with MSI logo was nice.  (Don't quote me on that being the truth behind it or being factual as I don't want it to bring the wrong impression like going cheap or negative on it)  The documentation that came with it though showed me more of a conscious effort to help the user installing it along the way to installing and setup with care rather than just a "thanks for your money and basic setup instruction manual".  Even though I didn't need the extra help doing so due to my expertise with doing this many times before.

Software setup executed with great speed and overall completion to make the card perform optimally.  Customization like LED effects and gaming stats were simple to understand then implement as well.  Means quite a bit to me in this build as I had wanted to see stats and test this card to prove my attempt of gaming in a small factor again is possible!  LEDs on this though for me can't get as bright as I would like but for me that isn't a huge deal and probably not so for others too.  The red accent fyi is a unique feature that makes the card pop when looking at it through the case even though in my rig you can't tell.  I know in others with clear windows you'd definitely notice it whether that is planned or not.  Although, that isn't to say i'd rather have it not be there at all and black like the other as I feel it would be too boring.  The titanium version is a good neutral option if you don't quite want your card to pop like the red yet not boring without any color at all.

Finally to wrap up this unboxing topic starter, this is the ending result of the card installed in it's home:

P.S. Sorry I don't have more pictures of the install as this build had me anxious to get it going after having most of the parts to do this over a month ago.


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