MSI Gtx-960 2gb on Skyrim : Special Edition

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Nov 8, 2016
~MSI Gtx-960 2gb on Skyrim : Special Edition

I wasn't sure if I would be able to run Skyrim : Special Edition with a 2gb graphics card.. Man I was wrong.

It actually runs faster and at a constant 60 fps witch is the same as Skyrim (2011) but Skyrim : Special Edition has a mods menu on the title menu
and has alot more graphics improvements plus and I modded both! People say that Skyrim SE Is just Skyrim (2011)

with a new name but you can tell Bethesda worked hard on recreating Skyrim. I can't wait to play Elder Scrolls VI
maybe I'll still be on my Gtx-960 from MSI.. That is if my non-MSI products make it until then but if they don't
I will just replace them with their MSI counterparts just because I can trust that they will make it..
Besides the quality of the performance I get out of my MSI graphics card I get a card that look really
amazing on every platform and they look extremely well on red/black desktops or really any color you want.
The super quite 'twin frozr' fans and the cooling pipes also give it aesthetics beyond belief!

I would absolutely recommend any MSI graphics card because I bought mine back in 2014-2015 somewhere and I know
from experience that they are 'top of the line' quality and.. I also know you won't have any regrets! It plays great with more games than
just Skyrim : Special Edition.. I also played..
Witcher 2 : Assassins of kings
Tomb Raider (2013)
Call of Duty : Black Ops III
The Elder Scrolls Online : Tamriel Unlimited
The Crew
Saints Row IV
War Thunder
and more..
I think that it could play more demanding games than this but those are all of my most demanding games on Steam/Uplay.
Or you could always just get the 4gb version of the MSI Gtx-960 and play literally any game you want (maybe not at max settings*)
Another thing is.. I hate running games at full potential because I hate hearing fans and for that reason I've only ever heard my MSI Gtx-960 'twin frozr' fans start spinning one time and that was during Call of Duty : Black Ops III Campaign whitch I was running on max/almost max settings with Overwolf overlay playing music on Spotify. It still worked great though!

Ps: I know I said "MSI Gtx-960" alot but that's because of the minimum word requirement..
~Tyler  A. Johnson


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Nov 15, 2016
I know for a fact that you can run many things on 900 series cards considering I'm still using a 700 series card and fully modding GTAV SKYRIM And more I will be soon upgrading to an MSI 1050 Ti so I hope to be able to see the quality you do!
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